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Masonry covers a wide range of craft workers including bricklayers, stone masons, concrete finishers, and plasterers.

Bricklayers – in the construction industry are masters at precision. Using various tools, bricklayers, or brick masons, construct walls, partitions, chimneys, basement walls, and similar parts of a building. In wood-frame structures, bricklayers usually construct concrete block walls that rest on the footings. These walls establish a sturdy foundation upon which the remaining structure will be built. Bricklayers work with brick, block, and panels.

Concrete Finishers – usually finish (level) poured concrete decks, sidewalks, walkways, roadways, and similar projects. They also build concrete forms.

Stone Masons – Similar to bricklaying, stone masonry is much more expensive than conventional brick and concrete block masonry and is used today in only special situations or decorative purposes.

Block Masons – Block masonry is also similar to bricklaying. On most projects, bricklayers lay both brick and concrete block.

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