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Construction Engineer


Do you want to connect with our high school students and share your passion for the industry? Do you want to show students see the career possibilities in your industry and what it takes to be successful? Do you want to share lessons you've learned and build interest in the industry? If yes we would love to have you join our construction speakers group.

Help Students Discover
What Our Industry Has To Offer

We are looking for passionate professionals who want to help excite and impact the next generation of our workforce. We work with classes throughout Orange, Osceola, Lake, Polk, Seminole, and Sumter counties so there are opportunities close to where you are located. It is important to have students hear from professionals in the industry because you help reinforce the lessons they are learning, build their motivation, and provide real stories of success.

How Does The Process Work?

  • Complete the online interest form

  • Provide the areas of town you'd be willing to speak

  • Provide the topic(s) you would like to speak on

  • We will take your information and connect you with the instructor

  • We will set a time for you to speak with the class(es)

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